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      We are one of the India's biggest  leading supplier of  Metal and Non-Metal Powder Over the past 20 years, our name is synonymous as quality, consistency, dependability and service. With an Productive and Great  infrastructure in production,  we serves Products to customers as required and Suitable to buyer to everywhere in the world. as we have customers in every continents.

     We have a strong work-ethic and it shows in many ways. While the company is family-held. Quality arises out of commitment. commitment that does not look at the clock nor needs a watch-dog. It's an attitude that means pushing yourself to the outer limits on every single parameter; it means deadlines are deadlines and there is no place for flexibility. We are consciously aware of our responsibilities as a supplier; we are aware that our products are critical to the manufacturing processes of other industries.

     All our products undergoes strict quality checks at every stage of production with Great Research and Development lab. After lab check it's ready for use without any lack of quality, our products is our pride due to Quality and Customer Support for all time.



Nitinbhai N. Trivedi

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