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We are one of India's leading suppliers of Metal and Non-Metal Powders. Since the year of 1999, our company has become synonymous with quality, consistency, dependability, and excellent service. With a highly productive and robust infrastructure, we cater to customers worldwide, meeting their specific requirements. Our clientele spans across all continents.

At our core, we possess a strong work ethic that permeates our operations. Although the company is family-owned, we prioritize delivering quality through unwavering commitment. Our commitment is not constrained by time or supervision; it is an attitude that drives us to push the boundaries on every parameter. We adhere strictly to deadlines without room for flexibility. As a manufacturer and supplier, we recognize our responsibilities and the critical role our products play as raw materials in various industries' manufacturing processes.

Every product undergoes rigorous quality assurance and laboratory checks at each stage of production in our dedicated Research and Development lab. Once quality assurance is completed, the product is prepared for the subsequent supply chain and logistics processes. We take immense pride in our products, attributed solely to their exceptional quality and our unwavering commitment to customer support at all times.


Nitinbhai N. Trivedi

Parth N. Trivedi
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