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Why us

Requests about products

Every time you need, our support services will put you in direct contact with a team of engineers who are experienced in powder metallurgy and its relative applications.

Logistic support

We focus on co-operation with our customers to develop a responsive supply chain. Our highly skilled team is available to ensure that your unique supply chain challenges are addressed.

Technical support

We all know that technical problems can waste your time and you money. Rapid assistance is a critical success factor for the satisfaction of our customers.

We are one of the India’s biggest  leading supplier of  Synthetic Diamond Powder. Over the past 10 years, our name has become synonymous with  quality, consistency, dependability and service. With an established infrastructure in production,  we are catering to customers of all sizes, everywhere in the world.
Apart from agents around the world, we have customers in every continent.
We have a strong work-ethic, and it shows in many ways. While the company is family-held, there are no arm-chair bosses. Quality arises out of commitment; commitment that does not look at the clock nor needs a watch-dog. It's an attitude that means pushing yourself to the outer limits on every single parameter; it means deadlines are deadlines and there is no room for flexibility. We are consciously aware of our responsibilities as a supplier; we are aware that our products are critical to the manufacturing processes of other industries.
All our products undergo strict quality checks at every stage of production.
Quality recognizes quality, not geographic boundaries or linguistic differences or social customs. Quality has opened doors for us everywhere; from the world's largest manufacturer of diamond blades, to the world's fastest-growing diamond-tool company.
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