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metal rods

Metal Working

Products for cutting, welding, surface treatment

A wide range of products for the metal processing indusrty and surface treatments.

  • Variety of the possible processes

  • Specific products for every use

  • Consolidated experience in the field

Flame Cutting

  • Iron powder is essential element to operate Flame cutting processing.

  • This technology is a very efficient method to operate fast, deep and precise cut on steel, stainless steel, cast iron and copper mass production processes.

  • Thanks to the injection of iron powder flow into an oxyacetylene flame, temperature penetration and abrasion effectiveness become very high thus allowing substantial savings in time, cost and improving the quality of the surfaces.

Welding & Brazing

  • Metal powders have become an essential material for the production of welding consumables.

  • The broad range of grades and composition available on the Iron powders cover the whole need for welding market on coated welding electrodes,  Flux cored wires and Metal cored wires.

  • Aum Industry range of light copper powder is also used in specific welding applications.

Blasting & Surface Treatment

  • Wherever ferrous residuals of standard high carbon steel blasting cannot be accepted (because of color effect or chemical compatibility), Stainless steel shot become the most interesting choice.

  • On the other hand soft blasting is normally used in order to clean and maintain rubber, plastic, glass and other types of molds which can present residual of material after production run is finished.

  • It is also used in providing a light sand effect in aesthetically finishing.

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